Our Services

Consultations and Evaluations 

At Malvern Sleep Clinic we offer an initial consultation and evaluation (if needed) to determine the best method of diagnosing and treating your sleep disorder. 

Sleep Studies 

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your sleep patterns to determine problem areas.
Overnight diagnostic sleep study for all sleep disorders including; Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Periodic Limb Movements Disorder, Narcolepsy etc. Diagnostic Sleep studies can be arranged to be performed during the daytime for Shift workers. 

Maintenance Wakefulness test (MWT) is a daytime sleep test to quantify the extent of excessive daytime sleepiness.

Full EEG overnight sleep assessment for patients with nocturnal seizures.

Video monitoring for those patients who are suspected of parasomnias or nocturnal seizures.

Sleep disorders counseling and management.

Diagnosis and Treatment 

Once the sleep study has been performed, we will diagnose your sleep disorder and explain it to you thoroughly along with our recommended treatment options. 

Continuous Ongoing Care 

We provide ongoing care for patients with sleep disorders. This includes continuous evaluation of your progress and alternative methods of treatment if necessary. 

Sleep Medical Equipment 

For patients who need various types of sleep equipment to treat obstructive sleep apnea, we facilitate the process, in the interest of our patients.